Organic flower garden

Organic flower garden


The higher purpose of Organic Gardening Bug is to help galvanize millions of socially responsible people to force change in nutrition and food policy. Let me explain…

Policies such as improving school lunch programs, truthful and simple food labeling, as well monitoring fast food advertising aimed at children need to be stronger. Here’s why…

Childhood obesity and other diet-related problems has become a public health epidemic. Forcing environmental changes could improve nutrition and health for all children. Parents and health professionals feel that the government is failing at its oversight responsibilities. So, a corrupt or inept government is perceived as contributing to poor nutritional options for children.

That feeling comes from food safety news stories like the ones reporting on a judge allowing meat processed in a plant that had failed salmonella tests to be served in schools; the child care food program criminal fraud case; and mismanagement of school breakfast programs that left many children without a meal in the morning.

Of course everything starts at home, so you will find information posted on what it takes to grow healthy organic gardens while eliminating harmful toxins from your family’s diet and the environment. That’s one step closer to environmental change that can make a difference for all families. Catch the  organic gardening bug.

Bon appetite!


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